Warrior cats is a notoriously complicated series. Most people, when trying to explain it, focus on the characters and their individual actions. I think the most interesting thing is all of the worldbuilding, lore, and history built over the series.

Because of the way it's done, each arc (5 books) is more like a generation. That means we've gotten... TPB, TNP, PO3, OOTS, AVOS, TBC, ASC... 7 generations in the modern main series, not counting DOTC. This is also not counting super editions. I should write down all the generations counting SEs...

The series has a lot of interesting lore and worldbuilding that's very hard to dig up info on. I got into warrior cats via roleplaying on Animal Jam and god, this kind of thing was a nightmare to find and figure out.

Besides roleplaying uses, a lot of people just really don't remember how the book lore works, or they haven't read in a long time. Sometimes you need a refresher! And sometimes you need to beg your friends to start a roleplay with you but you keep having to explain lore to them.

So, this will not be for name lists, character info, or herb uses. This is a catalogue of all the info on the world that's been established so far. I won't be sourcing most of it because that would be a nightmare, but the wiki is always a good place to start for that kind of thing.